During these uncertain and difficult times, sharing positive and science-based information is as valuable as it is critical to support society’s fight against COVID-19. According to a research study published in 1990 (Sturman et al., 1990), lab tests conducted on coronavirus (i.e. mouse hepatitis virus- MHV) found out that coronavirus’s infectivity is sensitive to pH. Biochemical and electron microscopic evidence demonstrated that the virus was stable in pH 6 and at 37°C (half-life 24 hours), but it was rapidly and irreversibly inactivated by brief treatment at pH 8 and at 37°C (half-life 30 mins) resulting in loss of virus infectivity, the aggregation of virions, and increased virus-induced cell fusion.

NOTE. Only a natural high alkaline pH can be used for virus infectivity. Ionised alkaline pH controlled water will not be effective in virus prevention or elimination.

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