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Elite Sports was developed by Pure Ionic Water and in conjunction with trainers, sports scientists and nutritionists. It provides a growing number of elite sports stars with the ultimate hydration technology. Top-level athletes, Premier League football teams and Premiership rugby clubs insist on Pure Ionic Water because it is proven to rehydrate the body faster than any other commercially available water. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and it promotes optimum performance. To be the best, you have to drink the best.

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Who’s drinking Elite Sports water?

Bullets No pollutants: bacteria, metals, hormones (including oestrogen),
pesticides, chemicals, and nitrates removed.
Elite Sports is the only system that removes estorgens. Elite Sports water is enriched with minerals, electrolytes and salts,
helping maintain essential internal balance.
Enhances rehydration which increases mental focus and stamina, and decreases recovery
and rehabilitation time. Provides clean water which therefore enhances hydration.
Can provide the optimum alkalinity of 9.5 if required. In some fields there is a belief that an increase in alkalinity will promote transportation
of other nutrient supplements, minerals, salts and protein drinks into the cells.
The technology behind Pure Ionic Water can remove all traces of microplastics
from water and help remove plastic waste in Elite Sports.
Slide 01 The Pure Ionic Water solution is the best way to
stay hydrated, without using plastic, during exercise
and the best, bottle free, source of re-hydration and
electrolytes to assist recovery.
The Portable and Under sink solutions carry out a four-stage
filtration process.The clean water is enhanced with proprietary
electrolytes to assist the natural re-hydration processes of the body
and create Pure Ionic Water. The Electrolytes help regulate fluid balance,
enable nutrient transfer, assist the performance of the nervous system,
assist muscle recovery and support the health of joints & tendons.
Slide 02 Electrolytes You can source electrolytes in 2 ways. You can buy electrolyte
supplements and you can gain them from the food you eat. We enhance the
cleaned water using natural technology and techniques and therefore aid your
digestion, absorption and transfer of recovery nutrients.

In summary, electrolytes maintain the healthy function
of your body and assist recovery from sports.
Slide 03 The advantage of a
stack of Electrolytes
Your body needs the minerals chloride, potassium, sodium and magnesium to conduct normal
biochemical functions. Electrolytes are electrically charged positive or negative ions that maintain
nerve and muscle functions, assist the transfer and absorption of nutrients, maintain fluid balance
and ASSIST THE regulation of body pH. When you naturally lose fluids through sweat, urination,
diarrhea or vomiting, you also lose electrolytes. If you have an inadequate diet, you may also lack
electrolytes. Low electrolytes can cause health complications by reducing the
body’s natural ability to re-cover.

Electrolytes help your body recover, your muscles contract and your nerves to transmit impulses.
Electrolytes help your body maintain the proper fluid balance and your kidneys work hard to keep
electrolytes at the right level. Calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium are the most common
electrolytes. You lose electrolytes when you sweat, so they need replenishment
during intense exercise or very warm weather.
Slide 04 What happens when you drink cleaned,
enhanced water?
Your body responds well to clean water as it has only H2O and
naturally occurring electrolytes to handle and no
other impurities to hinder absorption through osmosis.

Pure Ionic Water cleaned and enhanced water does not
contain pesticides, insecticides, hormones, plastics, bacteria, metals
and/or other impurities. We clean mains, sea, river and lake water
and convert that source into a premium hydration
resource, we are truly portable.
Slide 05 Our ORP value and the
importance of antioxidants
PiW creates water with a significant ORP therefore harnessing the benefits
of an anti-oxidizing agent. So, when you drink our water you saturate your body
and give your natural process the best chance of successful recovery.
How it works Antioxidants protect the body from oxidative stress, thereby preventing damage
to a wide range of cell structures including lipids, proteins and DNA (Martin 2008).
PiW provides an ORP source. Therefore, PiW produces qualities to enhance the bodies
ability to convert free radicals into less reactive substances, like free radical
scavengers (Knez et al. 2007; Powers and Jackson 2008).

Elite Sports Dispenser

Our unique dispenser serves pure, re-mineralised, alkaline ambient and chilled water, offering athletes a truly unique healthy drinking water option.

  • The option of sparkling water
  • Streamlined design
  • Touch-panel controls and integral cup dispenser
  • Auto-lit dispensing area
  • Largest dispensing area comfortably filling sports bottles
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Advantages of Elite Sports System

Pure Ionic Water (Elite Sports) Other systems
  • Pure Ionic Water has one simple system that filters, activates the ions and mineralises: no expensive extras.
  • Unlike ANY other system, we can treat any volume of water. 1000 gallons+
  • We do not produce any waste water at any stage – put 5 litres in and you get 5 litres out.
  • No electricity is used in our process – the ions are activated naturally.
  • The result is great tasting alkaline mineral water every time. No matter where you are.
  • It’s good for you and it’s good for the planet.
  • Reverse osmosis wastes water at an average 4:1 ratio – that means that for every 1 litre of water you get, 4 gets flushed down the drain.
  • If you want remineralised water, rather than just dead H2O, you must buy another filter to do this.
  • The water is then sent through an electric ionising machine which splits the water again into 50% acid and finally, your 50% alkalised water.
  • With other systems you will waste 5 litres of water to get 1 litre to drink.
  • Not eco friendly, not good for the planet.


Pure Ionic Water (Elite Sports) Salt Water Softening Systems
  • Removes the effects of magnesium and calcium bonding in water by uncoupling the two minerals and holding them in suspension. This allows for the water to remain mineral rich but eliminates the need for the addition of extra sodium.
  • Removes the effects of magnesium and calcium bonding in water by stripping them out and adding in sodium (salt).


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