Hydration Solutions for Events

WET Environmental Events Ltd manage all event activity within WET. WET have a large collection of water dispensers and hydration stations available for all sizes and scales of events from product launches to international music festivals. The products all dispense WET’s great tasting super premium high alkaline award-winning Pure Ionic Water™. It’s important to understand that this is not just filtered water and we have certifications and patents that back up that Pure Ionic Water™ is the best water on the planet.

Take a look at some of our recent events

Monaco Yacht Show 2023

FIAT 500 3rd Monaco International Meeting 2023

International Show Jumping Monaco 2023

Monaco Yacht Show 2022

Monaco Streaming Film Festival 2022

Monaco Yacht Show 2021

Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Buhurt Prime Medieval Fighting Championship 2019

A selection of our dispenser/hydration stations

Why Pure Ionic Water™

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Dinner Table
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