Oil & Watertech

Do you want to reduce your costs and boost your process efficiency? Are compliance and eco credentials a key focus for you and your business? By solving your water and wastewater challenges, we are your go-to provider for innovative chemistry-based solutions.

Our novel surfactants, coagulants, flocculants and antimicrobials enable rapid re-use of treated wastewater.

We focus on produced water and fracking flowback in the shale gas industry, wastewater in the oil sands, mining and food and beverage sectors and the treatment of scrubber water.

Our bespoke services can provide you with a fully-customised solution to your specific challenges, enabling you to benefit from:

  • Cost savings through reduced wastewater treatment cost
  • Capacity increase of wastewater treatment installations
  • Compliance to regulations by removal of contaminants
  • Reuse of recycled wastewater in your processes
  • Environmental sustainability through a more efficient usage of water

What We Do

We provide innovative chemistry-based solutions enabling you to reduce costs, be compliant and achieve your sustainability goals. By making use of our fully-licensed proprietary products and advanced patented technologies, we shape a tailor-made solution for your specific water challenge. Our growing portfolio of products includes super-efficient flocculants and enhanced coagulants for raw water and wastewater treatment, as well as novel surfactant formulations for bottle-washing applications.

Oil & Water Recovery

The challenge of handling toxic fracking waste is a key concern for major operators around the world. Do you store it? Do you reuse for future fracking cycles?

WET is trialling a cost-effective and fit-for-purpose system for treating and re-claiming fracking oil waste, treating and purifying waste water for agricultural and human consumption purposes and preparing solid sludge waste for secondary industries. These trials are being conducted in collaboration with a global fracking operation and a leading university’s civil and environmental engineering department. The results of the trials will be announced in our news feed.


When it comes to wastewater treatment, our enhanced coagulants are an essential component of an effective solution. They speed up the settlement time of suspended solids and allow easy removal of contaminants by destabilising the forces keeping them in solution. The benefit to you? A wastewater treatment plant boasting a significantly enhanced capacity. The enhanced coagulants can also be put to good use in sludge thickening and dewatering while they increase the pH of acidic waters.


Our super-efficient flocculants enhance the solid-liquid separation process by gathering together the destabilised particles and causing them to agglomerate and drop out of the solution more efficiently. The process increases particle size, speeding up settlement and improving sludge properties.


Using water more efficiently is our goal, and we want it to be yours as well. Our novel surfactant formulations make your water work better for you by modifying the interfacial properties between water and other liquids, gases or solids. They lower surface and/or interfacial tension, improving wetting, emulsification, de-agglomeration or dispersing properties. Our proprietary surfactant formulation significantly improves the bottle-washing process, leading to savings on bottles, energy and chemicals.

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