Why Pure Ionic Water?

Pure Ionic Water is a product produced by WET for the Water Smart Foundation.

Help Your Health

Pure Ionic Water systems remove the harmful levels of pollutants, heavy metals, chemicals, hormones and oestrogens and then add all the essential elements. Our water is rich in anti-oxidants and hydroxide ions known to boost energy and treat dermatological complaints. Pure Ionic Water systems naturally and permanently alkalise your drinking water, allowing you to neutralise any acidity and increase hydration levels.

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Help Your Wallet

By installing Pure Ionic Water home systems, you can save money. In hard water areas, our mineral suspending system will effectively and naturally soften water, preventing expensive limescale build-up without the need to add salt. You can eliminate the need to purchase bottled water, perfect if you are looking for a healthy, environmentally-sound alternative to bottled water.

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Help The Planet

We are proud of our environmentally responsible approach to business. By installing Pure Ionic Water systems in your home, you avoid the need to buy plastic bottled water. Over 2 billion plastic water bottles are disposed of every week, clogging up landfill sites and the ocean, where they cause lethal harm to marine life. The Pure Ionic Water System requires no power, no chemicals and produces no waste.

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For expression of interest or for detailed information about Pure Ionic Water, please contact us today!