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Investment has been doubled for more tests in a livestock trial, delivering a drastic increase in yield and removing pathogens from water without the use of antibiotics.

WET Group, which supplied the technology used to clean the bore hole water commonly mixed with artificial nutrition feed and then fed to cows, worked with the Agriculture Innovation Centre at Bridgwater & Taunton College on the year-long trial on cows, and has decided to fund further trials in order to expand on initial findings.

The further investment from WET Group will introduce its upgraded successful mineral enhanced compact G.E.M. (Guided Enhanced Membrane) system in the final phase of trials which are due to commence in September 2019.

The initial trial, which was carried out on two groups of calves totalling more than 50 in numbers, tested water fed to cows finding that the potentially harmful pathogen, Clostridium Perfringens, was present and multiplied significantly in an untreated sample at room temperature (22°C). However, when the same water was treated with technology from WET Group the pathogens were removed and there was a drastic reduction in bacterial growth under the same conditions.

These tests also demonstrated that with water treated by WET Group technology, (unlike the traditional method of cleaning water) the animal does not require antibiotics treatment as it delivered much improved calf health under the internationally recognised Wisconsin-Madison Calf Health Score system (WMCHS).

Simon Fry, Environmental & Filtration Technical Manager at WET Group, says: “The findings from the initial tests were so significant that they could revolutionise the industry and highlight that we are feeding our livestock exposed unhygienic water that is potentially damaging to them. This is why WET is to invest in further trials to provide 100% validation of its G.E.M. We have been careful with the initial test conditions, we now need to replicate them and prove to our British farmers that by simply using water that has been properly cleansed, filtered and enhanced when mixed with feed, could improve the lives and quality of livestock.

“We’re excited to start this next trial. The early signs are that this will be a landmark change for the health of livestock, the yield we get from livestock, and potentially the health of those who eat the product, as it raises important questions about the ripple effect created once these harmful pathogens enter the human food chain.”

Initial testing suggests that WET Group technology ensures that all water is clean and free from residual chlorine and microbe/bacterial infection while enhanced with mineral nutrition. This is done using the G.E.M system through a patented process of filtration, enhancement via controlled re-mineralisation providing a special functional water.

Ian Tremain, Agriculture Innovation Manager at Bridgwater & Taunton College, says: “We have been highly impressed with the initial trials.

“The trials show great promise for the agricultural sector in the UK with potential for farmers to deliver healthier calves with a reduced requirement for antibiotic treatment and ultimately higher yields and increased profitability from their dairy herd.

“It also shows that as farmers we can still improve methods by taking a methodical, scientific approach and investing in the right technology to make better lives for the people and animals we look after. The commitment WET Group has shown in making the investment to continue trials is proof of confidence in its technology and that it can make a major difference.”

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