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Not only has the UK government supported WET through grants such as the UK Innovate Grant to Pure Ionic Water™, but it has also been the water of choice for the Prime Minister and his guests at the official country residence at Chequers.

Set in the Chiltern Hills on 1,500 acres of land, the 16th-century manor was donated to the nation by Arthur Lee, Viscount Fareham, so that prime minister’s would always have a country estate in which to entertain important guests. It has served prime minister’s from Lloyd George to Winston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher well, and some guests have loved it so much that even President Richard Nixon donated a swimming pool to the property.

Pure Ionic Water™ was installed there in 2017. It is more than just highly filtered water, as it is a hydrogen rich alkaline water developed at first for sporting champions, and now for prime ministers and their special guests. Pure Ionic Water™ is also supplied by a UK Innovate Grant and is supported by WET Environmental LTD., an EU award winning for excellence company.

Pure Ionic Water™ also supports the environment through the Water Smart Foundation campaign #bigbillionbottlebattle against plastic bottle pollution.