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Technology that turns ordinary source water to super-premium alkaline water from WET Global has been named Best Technology at the internationally renowned 2019 InnoBev Awards, held at a ceremony during the UK Soft Drinks Conference in London.

The AES machine from WET Global won against competition from major brands across the world including Almond Impact Ltd, Arla Food Ingredients and Mobisy Technologies and this award comes as recognition for the AES’s ability to turn source water into super-premium alkaline water through a process of filtration, re-mineralisation and alkalisation.

This technology is particularly relevant for drinks companies capitalising on a new trend for low sugar, in flavoured waters, soda drinks, zero alcohol, CBD infused or fermented drinks. Its creation of water with high, stable pH of 10.5 and low total dissolved solids has been proven through academic testing to keep pH high even after adding flavours. This means that no or low added sugar is necessary to cover acidic water taste.

Michael Adams Chairman and Managing Director of WET Global, says:”This award is recognition for the constant development, testing and evolution of the AES technology which continues today. We have noticed that more businesses are looking to capitalize on the rising demand for low sugar non acidic water from health conscious consumers looking to get the most from the health benefits of alkaline water.

“We’ve noticed that many other alkaline waters produced by ionisation drop in pH when carbon or flavourings are added. The water produced by the AES system doesn’t do this and that’s where it distinguishes itself from the competitors. The AES machines ability to create alkaline water from normal tap water also removes the need to transport in alkaline water from a natural source and therefore reduces the carbon footprint of a product – an attribute businesses, and consumers, are increasingly concerned about.”

This award for WET Global follows the appointment of new board members at the company, including CEO of Agriculture Paul Gerrard, formerly MD at GEA Farm foods, and CCO Mel Ragnauth, formerly of Glint and Spiralite, and securing major deals to install the AES across the UK and US with drinks producers.

Michael Adams, continues: “We plan to continue to develop the product and improve the technology. We’ve already found a way to infuse the water with CBD. If the growth in America of CBD water sales is mimicked in the UK, as is likely, then bottling plants and major drinks brands will be looking to capitalise. We aim to be there to support them and provide the best water production to help them make the best tasting drinks.”

The Innobev 2019 awards were organised by global food and drink experts Zenith Global, with support from headline sponsor EXBERRY(r) plus category sponsors WET Group,Anton Paar, Bericap, PureCircle, Tetra Pak and CO2 Sustain.

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