WET is focused on building a continuous pipeline of research and development projects that can be translated into evidence-based and IP-backed water technology solutions for both domestic and commercial applications. WET ENGINGEERING LTD is our own thinktank and has developed a portfolio of innovative, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective water technologies that can be easily deployed anywhere in the world and across multiple markets, including beverages, environmental, agricultural and marine industries.

WET ENGINEERING LTD. is a non-trading subsidiary of WET Holdings (Global) Limited. It is the Research & Development (R&D) thinktank for all WET water enhancement technologies and products.
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R&D (Research & Development)

Our thinktank is the home of our design, development, testing, prototyping, optimisation teams. It is where the delivery of WET water enhancement technologies take place.

The R&D team is made up of science, technology and engineering experts who work alongside a number of UK universities to develop and optimise our technologies.
The University of Sheffield and De Montfort University were part of the consortium that developed WET beverages system to reduce added sugars in drinks. WET also collaborated with Bridgewater and Taunton College in the development of the water enhancement system for cattle and dairy farms.

By sharing our knowledge and working collaboratively we can do so much more.

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The research into WET’s pioneering beverages technology has been partly funded by Innovate UK grants. Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation, a public body funded by the government. For more information, please click here.

The project to demonstrate the potential upscaling of WET’s water and drinks technology to reduce added sugars in drinks has been awarded the Seal Of Excellence certificate by the EU Commission for its high quality.


Our groundbreaking R&D activities have generated a number of registered patents, including methods, systems and apparatus for water alkaline treatment, methods and modular apparatus for beverages production and the treatment and enhancement of water for agriculture purposes.


The Activated Enhancement System (AES) produced and designed by WET Engineering is now part of our product portfolio for the beverage industry and will be instrumental in helping reduce sugar in drinks. It will be released to market through WET. The AES offers an unprecedented solution for breweries, distilleries and pharmaceutical industries.

European Commission Seal of Excellence

Livestock Agriculture - Poultry

Clean drinking water is vital for poultry health. It plays an essential role in the metabolism. Modern farms use water from ground water, rainwater and streams with varying microbial and chemical contamination, mineral levels and pH levels. This can have a severe impact on poultry performance. Contaminated water is a key contributory factor to disease, which can result in an economic loss of 20% of the value of poultry production.

WET’s poultry system is an IP-backed automated, self-monitoring water sterilisation drinking system which delivers clean, mineral rich and pH-controlled water for poultry. It is designed to integrate into a closed-loop process system, cutting drinking water waste, reducing ill-health and improving overall poultry well-being and performance. This can result in higher product yields, improving your productivity and profitability, and minimising the use of harmful antibiotics.


The world relies heavily on fossil fuels as a source of energy for transportation and electricity but this is costly, harmful and unsustainable. The demand for fossil fuels is likely to grow ever larger as global population increases and countries develop further.

Hydrogen fuel is considered the cleanest fuel available. WET is developing ground-breaking technology to produce hydrogen energy. It is scalable, sustainable, efficient and both easy-to-use and easy-to-install. Its environmental credentials are rock solid and it doesn’t create waste. To stay updated on our advances in hydrogen energy, check our news feed by clicking here.

Crop Agriculture

Water is essential to plant life and crop agriculture. It forms up to 90% of the plant body, helping transport vital nutrients and minerals from the soil. It plays a vital role in photosynthesis and other key biochemical processes.

However, pH levels, salinity, oxygen content, hardness, mineral contents and temperature can differ from one crop plant to another. The provision of clean and conditioned water is therefore fundamental to crop performance and yield.

WET’s scalable water treatment and enhancement system controls and adjusts the chemical and physical properties of the water to meet the specific needs of the plant. It also ensures the water is free of harmful microbes and chemicals. The WET system reduces the amount of feed water by recirculating, re-cleaning and re-mineralising the used water in hydroponic agriculture.

Livestock Agriculture - Dairy/Cattle

The health, growth and performance of farmed cattle is dependent on good quality water. There is a direct link between what they drink and how they perform, with latest research suggesting the water requirement per unit of body mass of a high-producing dairy cow is greater than that of any other land-based mammal. Water quality is therefore key to successful dairy farming. Drinking water contaminated with pesticides and microbial and chemical contaminants can lead to bovine disease, poor performance and even death.


Just 2.5% of the world’s water is fresh, the rest is saline and ocean-based water that is not suitable for human consumption. Yachts and other watercrafts therefore require water treatment systems to allow them access to drinking water.

WET can deliver, install and maintain bespoke high-end water treatment and enhancement systems in vessels with the capability to control water salinity and microbial and chemical contamination.


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