Water is the single most important element on Earth. It is essential for the growth and well-being of all species and is an integral part of all vital industries. We couldn’t live without it and we must treasure it, not just for ourselves but for future generations. The world’s water surfaces and resources are being depleted and contaminated by plastics and other chemical compounds, putting public health at risk.

WET is committed to offering environmentally responsible technologies and products that cut the use of plastics and reduce the carbon footprint in industry.

We have an enviable track record of developing and delivering bespoke water purification, treatment and enhancement solutions for a wide range of environmental and agricultural purposes. These cost-effective systems are easy to install/uninstall, simple to monitor and control and use sustainable resources and recyclable materials. They include:

  • Agricultural systems designed to improve farming conditions for poultry, dairy and salmon by securing the provision of clean, healthy and enhanced drinking water.
  • Environmental systems designed for the waste management of fracking oil operations. These systems reclaim oil waste, produce clean and enhanced water suitable for consumption or agricultural purposes and prepare solid waste for usage by secondary industries.
  • Domestic systems designed to reduce the consumption of plastic bottled water by installing in-house, under-sink water purification and enhancement units.
  • Water fountain systems designed to provide purified and enhanced drinking water for the public. They can be strategically installed in public spaces such as shopping centres, sports stadiums and zoos, allowing the public to top-up refillable bottles and cut plastic bottled water use.
  • Innovative carrier-bag water systems which provide clean and electrolyte-rich water for human consumption and can be retrofitted into any water source and can.
WET ENVIRONMENTAL LTD is a subsidiary of WET HOLDINGS (GLOBAL) LIMITED and the commercialisation arm for environmental products, systems and services.
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Livestock Agriculture - Poultry

Clean drinking water is vital for poultry health. It plays an essential role in the metabolism. Modern farms use water from ground water, rainwater and streams with varying microbial and chemical contamination, mineral levels and pH levels. This can have a severe impact on poultry performance. Contaminated water is a key contributory factor to disease, which can result in an economic loss of 20% of the value of poultry production.

WET’s poultry system is an IP-backed automated, self-monitoring water sterilisation drinking system which delivers clean, mineral rich and pH-controlled water for poultry. It is designed to integrate into a closed-loop process system, cutting drinking water waste, reducing ill-health and improving overall poultry well-being and performance. This can result in higher product yields, improving your productivity and profitability, and minimising the use of harmful antibiotics.

Livestock Agriculture - Dairy/Cattle

The health, growth and performance of farmed cattle is dependent on good quality water. There is a direct link between what they drink and how they perform, with latest research suggesting the water requirement per unit of body mass of a high-producing dairy cow is greater than that of any other land-based mammal. Water quality is therefore key to successful dairy farming. Drinking water contaminated with pesticides and microbial and chemical contaminants can lead to bovine disease, poor performance and even death.

WET’s dairy water system is an evidence-based solution to the quality of drinking water in your dairy farm. The system is easy to install and cost-effective, supplying clean and electrolyte-rich nutritious water to calves resulting in enhanced weaning weight and healthier digestive systems.

Industrial, Commercial & Domestic

WET delivers bespoke packages that treat water as it enters your home or place of work, creating the perfect water to drink, wash and bathe. The system:

  • Provides pure, alkaline, re-mineralised water direct to your taps.
  • Suspends the minerals preventing the build-up of hard water.
  • Emulates rainwater for showering and bathing. Rainwater is soft and slightly acidic. It is ideal for the skin, helping you look younger and treating conditions such as acne and eczema. It’s good for your scalp and keeps your hair frizz free.


The world relies heavily on fossil fuels as a source of energy for transportation and electricity but this is costly, harmful and unsustainable. The demand for fossil fuels is likely to grow ever larger as global population increases and countries develop further.

Hydrogen fuel is considered the cleanest fuel available. WET is developing ground-breaking technology to produce hydrogen energy. It is scalable, sustainable, efficient and both easy-to-use and easy-to-install. Its environmental credentials are rock solid and it doesn’t create waste. To stay updated on our advances in hydrogen energy, check our news feed by clicking here.


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