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After our debut in 2019, the Pure Ionic Water™ team are proud to have exhibited yet again at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021. In 2019 we prevented in excess of 8000 of single use plastic bottles from polluting the earth and oceans, in 2021 it was an excess of 28 000. The initiative was supporting the Water Smart Foundation (WSF)  and Sky Ocean rescue by providing a genuine alternative for visitors to the show to stay hydrated without damaging the environment.
Pure Ionic Water™ and WET Marine  worked seamlessly with our local Monaco distributor, Mon Eau, providing great-tasting, chilled Pure Ionic Water™ to attendees. With six hydration stations throughout the event, attendees quenched their thirst in the sunshine with bottomless water refills, whilst avoiding the need for throw away bottles. Over the four days, our small, lovely team were busy giving away over 18,000 crew cups of water to visitors, a specially selected, environmentally friendly biodegradable wheatstraw crew cup. HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco stopped by the stand, enjoyed the water and our mission to remove the need an use of plastic drinking water bottles from Monaco. His foundation focusses on ocean conservation and has initiatives such as the Beyond Plastic Med to reduce plastic use.
Pure Ionic Water™ has many unique benefits and is not just filtered water. Its unique combination of minerals allows healthy hydration for bodily functions and been proven to help promote muscle repair, bone strength and overall cardiovascular health. Pure Ionic water™ is used as a first-choice water by top-performing athletes and world champions, which is why we call it ‘the water of champions’.
You can enjoy Pure Ionic water™ in your home, on board your yacht, workplace, events and in hospitality with benefits for health and the environment. Please get in touch at