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WET Group launches stop and swap initiative to rid Monaco Yacht Show of single-use plastic.

An ambitious initiative to capture all single-use plastic bottles at the world-renowned Monaco Yacht Show from 25th September is being launched by WET Group demonstrating the sustainable solution to the plastic problem that it’s P17 Marine Faucet offers to boat owners.

WET Group, which has created the P17 Marine Faucet can take a seawater source using an environmental solution which reduces waste and power requirements and creates a super-enhanced premium Pure Ionic water.

The maker of a series of technology water cleansing systems for drinks, agriculture and hospitality sectors plans to take the single-use bottles to be recycled, cutting the carbon footprint of those at the show dramatically. In the process, it will allow those attending the show to taste the super-premium alkaline water produced by WET Group’s P17 Marine Faucet.

Dr Ahmed Abbas Mohamed, Director of research and development at WET Group, says: “This technology also has wider implications. It can help tackle two major threats to our environment – a shortage of water and plastic in our food chain. To highlight this we are gathering as many of the single-use plastic bottles at the show to highlight the issue we face. But by giving people biodegradable cups and water that is cleansed and enhanced to a higher quality than bottled, but without carbon footprint from being transported miles and no microplastics in the water, we are also showing how we can tackle the problem.”