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We have designed bespoke technology applications for the livestock industry working with the leading agricultural college in the U.K. that create better, healthier cows, reduce death rates of chickens and drastically reduce the amount of antibiotics that are entering into the food chain.

Livestock Agriculture - Poultry

Clean drinking water is vital for poultry health. It plays an essential role in the metabolism. Modern farms use water from ground water, rainwater and streams with varying microbial and chemical contamination, mineral levels and pH levels. This can have a severe impact on poultry performance. Contaminated water is a key contributory factor to disease, which can result in an economic loss of 20% of the value of poultry production.

WET’s poultry system is an IP-backed automated, self-monitoring water sterilisation drinking system which delivers clean, mineral rich and pH-controlled water for poultry. It is designed to integrate into a closed-loop process system, cutting drinking water waste, reducing ill-health and improving overall poultry well-being and performance. This can result in higher product yields, improving your productivity and profitability, and minimising the use of harmful antibiotics.

Livestock Agriculture - Dairy/Cattle

The health, growth and performance of farmed cattle is dependent on good quality water. There is a direct link between what they drink and how they perform, with latest research suggesting the water requirement per unit of body mass of a high-producing dairy cow is greater than that of any other land-based mammal. Water quality is therefore key to successful dairy farming. Drinking water contaminated with pesticides and microbial and chemical contaminants can lead to bovine disease, poor performance and even death.

WET’s dairy water system is an evidence-based solution to the quality of drinking water in your dairy farm. The system is easy to install and cost-effective, supplying clean and electrolyte-rich nutritious water to calves resulting in enhanced weaning weight and healthier digestive systems.


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